What is it?

Mickeyism is your new religious belief system.


    • There are so many religions out there to choose from.
    • Why should you have to make a choice?
    • A sense of belonging and purpose in your life?
    • What if you choose the wrong one?

Well Now there's a better solution. It's called Mickeyism. Mickeyism is an easy to follow belief system for all your religious needs. The system works because of the wonderful stories and traditions of every other major religion including: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Spiritism, Sikhism, Juche, Judaism, Jainism, Shinto, Zoroastrianism, and Scientology. This combined this the concept of Time and it's infinite divisibleness.

How it works

You donate money and you will get a direct connection to the Gods. Not just God but Allah and Vishnu and all the rest. Through a sacred transaction you will be allowed to join in an exclusive meeting of the gods where they have designated certain persons to be a part of a non-mutually exclusive prayer and belief service that allows you to belong to every religion all at the same time. They will give you the power to be every religion by allowing you to switch your religion 235,000 times a second. This allows you to be totally committed to any possible religion at any time because you are that religion, totally committed and faithful to it, if only for fractions of a second. Since you will be changing your religion so quickly, you will in the course of uttering the words that you belong to a particular faith, you will have been that faith faithfully many thousands of times over, so you may say it with complete confidence.


Many people feel an immediate kinship and comradery to persons that they meet that are of the same faith to them. In this day in age it is somewhat taboo to ask peoples religions. The fact that you are at one with the person as soon as you learn of there religion and reply to them that you have the same faith, is of great benefit to your first impression. People will like you more and you will gain access to holy places and traditions and experiences that would be otherwise unknown to you. When a person of faith wants to talk about there religion, you may listen with great interest for they are telling you the secret of what they believe and how to pass those beliefs on to others, which you may do so if so inclined. Many times there are places of business where religious epitaphs are displayed, there places can discriminate against those who are not of there faith, when you are in one of these places it is a good idea to make it know that you are of the same religion, you will often times find that deals will be made known to you and information is reserved for religious persons such as yourself.

How you can help

Mickeyism answers to a large group of gods, these gods are well know and have there own individual followings, they understand the collaborative efforts of Mickeyism but still feel the strain of having to share all of the sacrifices and donations. This is why Mickeyism requires a large amount of donations of high values. This is the only way to continue this practice and exists in a world with other more powerful religions who retain the vast majority of contributions. So you must donate now, as much as you can spare, it is of course 100% tax deductible (depending on your geographical location).

The Call

The knowledge is not for you alone, you must make it your duty to spread it to as many people as possible. Make a phone call, send an email, write a blog, record a video. You must do whatever you can to tell people about this wonderful life changing experience and decision you have made and urge them to do the same for the betterment of their life too.